Kori Ditmeyer

Kori Ditmeyer


Hydraulic & Computational Engineer |
International Consultant


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Water Treatment Plants Programming

As a Commissioning Manager for water treatment plants, my responsibilities englobed the Water Treatment Plant Programming of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), designing the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, configuring instrumentation, and training operators on these technologies. 

Industrial Programming

The Water Treatment Plant Programming tasks were primarily performed using Siemens S7-1200/1500 CPUs with the Siemens TIA PORTAL software. I utilized a variety of programming languages including Ladder Diagram (LD), Structured Text (ST), and Function Block Diagram (FDB). My key programming duties involved:

  • Identifying and configuring Analog and Digital Inputs/Outputs and ensuring their correct operation in the field.
  • Scaling Analog Inputs/Outputs to match sensor signals and control outputs.
  • Creating and defining motor and valve block I/O configurations.
  • Implementing logic for motor start/stop operations and safety checks.
  • Establishing comprehensive alarm systems for operational anomalies.
  • Establishing PLC communication with various components such as IFM components, other PLCs, and enabling SMS notifications and remote access capabilities.

To streamline processes across multiple projects, I developed a global library standardizing the use of components. This library included refined Structured Text programming for motor and valve blocks, facilitating unified block components capable of managing each motor’s start/stop functions, confirmation signals, safety disjunctions (differential and magnetothermic), and alarms, alongside their associated outputs.

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SCADA Design

The SCADA systems were designed using the Siemens TIA PORTAL, which involved crafting reusable faceplate elements for visualizing motor statuses and interfaces.

The SCADA interface was deployed on various devices including basic and comfort touch panels, as well as PCs, to accommodate different levels of control and monitoring needs.

Instrumentation Configuration

Instrumentation setup was meticulously programmed to align with the PLC configurations. In certain projects, I also integrated calibration functionalities directly into the PLC software. For instance, with turbidity sensors.

Operators Training

A significant part of my role was training future plant operators on the SCADA system operations, understanding programmed element behaviors, managing alarms, and handling emergency protocols. Training sessions were extended to electromechanical technicians, managers, and quality engineers, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the plant’s operational dynamics.