Kori Ditmeyer

Kori Ditmeyer


Hydraulic & Computational Engineer |
International Consultant


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Hydraulic & Computational Engineer


Eng. Water and Environment

M.Sc. Computational Engineering

Fullstack Web Developer MERN stack

International Consultant

About Me

I’m a young French & Bolivian hydraulic and computational engineer | International Consultant speaking French, Spanish and English. I’m passionate about water and environmental issues as well as new technologies, especially data analysis and modelling. 

My educational background and my professional experience in various continents brought me a wide range of competences in:

  • Planing, coordination, control y management of projects and teams;
  • Design/management/monitoring of major wash projects;
  • Automation and commisionning in water area;
  • Smart Cities Infrastructure: Digital twins elaboration, data collection and data analysis;
  • Water supply, water networks and sanitation;
  • Water and wastewater treatments;
  • Tenders and bidding process;

Moreover, my professional trajectory within different cultures and types of institutions allowed me to gain a wide versatility in the Hydraulic sector as well as a high capacity for adaptation.

Committed to my job, I worked as a Water & Computational Engineer for the public administration (Grenoble Municipal water supplier & French State) as well as in private consulting firms (French, Dutch, Uk based consulting firm & Spanish company) in various countries (France, DRC, The Netherlands, New-Caledonia, New-Zealand, Spain, Senegal, Algeria…) in rural and urban areas.

smart water Infrastructure

Smart cities

I have worked on and managed major projects of smart Infrastructure (water focused) for the city councils of Hamilton, Queenstown, Central Otago in New-Zealand within the Mott Macdonald consulting firm

These projects were aimed at creating digital twins by combining field data (GIS and SCADA) and hydraulic modelling in a single database and a web-accessible tool.


Water and Sanitation

I have managed numerous projects covering a wide range of topics, including:

  • The creation of water master plans;
  • System performance analysis of networks;
  • Design studies for pipes, pumps, reservoirs;
  • Feasibility studies for the creation of new sectors, population growth, developers queries…
  • Design/management/monitoring of major WASH projects


Computational Engineering/ CFD

My experience at Dinotec has provided me with strong experience in PLC programming and SCADA design. I have programmed entire water/wastewater treat-
ment plants with advanced motors, valves, sequences, alarms, sms.

Moreover, my master´s thesis done on the capacity of CFD modelling to replicate the occurence of vortices, has provided me with an extensive knowledge regarding the possible use of CFD in engineering problems and the theory and settings of CFD´s models.

Water/ Waste Water Treatment

Water Treatment, Fluvial Hydraulics

My Engineering degree and experience working at Dinotec have provided me with a solid knowledge and understanding of modelling and design in the following areas:

  • Fluvial Hydraulics
  • Water/Wastewater Treatment and in particular tecnical/ build/ commissioning experience with the DINOTEC company, including in:
    • Reverse osmosis for brackish water and sea water treatment
    • Ultrafiltration of wastewater for irrigation
    • Conventional lamellar sedimentation  
    • Iron/manganese removal
    • Sand filtration
    • activated wastewater treatment…

Professional Experiences

    International Consultant :

    • Programme management officer
    • WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), Emergency, Field Support Consultant
    • Commissioner water and wastewater treatment plants
    • Water and Environment Consultant
    • Hydraulic modeller
    • Specialized Translator

    Fullstack Web Developer : MERN Stack
  • 2020 - 2023 DINOTEC - Sevilla, Spain
    Water and sanitation commissioning Manager:

    • Management of water/wastewater treatment plants projects (hydraulic assembly, electricity, commissioning) in:
      • Spain - Fuente de Piedra (R.O), Real de la Jarra (water filtration), Badolatosa/ Castillo de las guardas (conventional fluvial water treatment), Atlanterra (Wastewater ultrafiltration)...
      • Morocco (wastewater treatment);
    • Design/management/monitoring of major wash projects in :
      • Emergency water supply projects in Dakar, Foundiougne and Kedougou in Senegal;
      • Water supply for several Sarahawi refugee camp in Algeria for UNHCR, Algeria;
      • Water and Wastewater treatment in Montero, Bolivia;
    • In charge of the PLC/SCADA programming of R.O, ultrafiltration, conventional water treatment plants in Spain, Sahrawi refugee camps...
    • Responsible of the operators training during commisioning (theory, operation, maintenance...).
    • Training of Spanish firefighters without borders on emergency water treatment techniques and mobile water treatment devices.
  • 2020 - ..... SELF EMPLOYED - Sevilla, Spain
    Enthusiast photographer. Check my portfolio :

    • Shutterstock contributor
  • 2018 - 2019 Mott Macdonald - Auckland, New-Zealand
    Engineer, member of the MOATA project in the Smart Infrastructure team:

    • Management and creation of smart infrastructure solutions by the development of digital twins for various municipalities in the water sector:
      • Field test management and integration of data in the MOATA database.
      • Creation and calibration of hydraulics models integrated within the MOATA database.
      • Presentation of results with new visualizing tools ( MOATA web interface, Power BI dashboards)
    • Utilization of the digital twin for:
      • Elaboration of water master plans
      • System performance analysis of networks (velocity, head losses, pressure, Firefighting capacity...)
      • Design studies for creation of new pipes, pumps and reservoirs.
      • Feasibility studies for the creation of new pressure sectors, new water resources, population growth, developers query...
      • Modeling of residual chlorine in the water networks of Alexandra and Clyde. Determination of the best locations for post-chlorination.
  • 2016 - 2018 French Interior Ministry - Poindimié, New-Caledonia
    Engineer at the Technical Assistance Service for Municipalities :

    • Project management assistance (technical/financial) for city councils, including:
      water master planning, water safety plans, water network modelling, rehabilitation of an old municipal dumping ground (with water treatment of residual waters by constructed wetlands) and small civil engineering works (public buildings and roads).
    • Elaboration of Drinking Water Safety Planning (risk management approaches) for several councils.
    • In charge of tenders, from their elaboration to their analysis and presentation to the evaluation panel.
  • 2016 (6 Months) Deltares - Delft, Netherlands
    Computational Master Thesis in the Industrial hydraulics unit:

    • Determination of the performance of CFD simulation in modeling the occurence of vortices in industrial sump pumps based on the literature investigation, the discussions with experts, and CFD modelling.
      The simulations were performed at the limits of the possibilities of CFD, challenging with respect to topics as mesh, turbulence models and setting.
  • 2013 (1 Month) Alstom - Nseke, DR Congo
    Engineering Apprenticeship in the Hydro Power unit:

    • Field diagnosis and modeling of the water network and water treatment plant of the village of Nseke.
  • 2012 - 2015 SPL Eaux de Grenoble Alpes (Public water company) - Grenoble, France.
    Engineering Apprenticeship in the Production and Distribution unit :

    • Asset management of water networks with focus on hydraulic improvement including sectorization, leak detection, and creation of hydraulic models.
    • Representation of the company in National and EU working Groups like ASTEE or Aqua Publica Europea.
    • Implementation of the ISO 14001 standard.

Academic Trainings

  • 2023 - 2024 Fullstack Developer (In progress) - Remote

    • Web developper (HTML, CSS, SAAS, GIT, Bootstrap, SEO) -Finished 24/06/23
    • JavaScript -Finished 21/09/23
    • React Js (JS, ES6, Firebase, Virtual DOM, SPA) -Finished 29/11/23 Top 10
    • Backend Developper (Node.js, Mongo DB, Express, Next) -Will finish 21/03/24
  • 2015 - 2016 M.Sc. in Computational Engineering - Strasbourg, France
    University of Strasbourg

    • programming language and numerical techniques to solve equations governing physical processes
    • use simulation tools (commercial solvers, research codes or free software) in industry
    • Computational plasticy , compressible flows
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics and mechanics
    • Computational water treatment modelling
    • Computational analysis for statistical methods
    • Constituve laws for rheological fluids
    • Multiscale modelling
  • 2012 - 2015 Eng. Water and Environment - Strasbourg, France
    Strasbourg National Water and Environment Engineering School (ENGEES).
    Apprenticeship with the company SPL Eaux de Grenoble Alpes

    • Water and wastewater network Hydraulics and modelling
    • Water chemistry & Microbiology
    • Water and wastewater treatment
    • Civil engineering
    • Water and wastewater treatment
    • Fluvial Hydraulics, river rehabilitation, solid transport, geomorphology
    • Hydrology
    • Hydrogeology
    • Water management and Water law
    • Waste management
    • International standards
    • Tender and public biddings
    • CAD/SIG
  • 2010 - 2012 Engineering Preparatory School - Grenoble, France
    Lycée Champollion
    Intensive preparation in Mathematics, Physics and chemistry for the highly competitive national entrance examination to enter in Engineer Schools

    • Advanced Mathematics
    • Advanced Physics ( electronics, optics, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, electromagnetics...)
    • Advanced chemistry (structure, organic chemistry, condensed materials, transformation...)
    • Advanced Science for Engineers

Software Skills

Hydraulic Modeling





Programming (Industrial)

Programming (Frontend)

Programming (Backend)

Programming (DB)

Programming (Testing/ Doc)

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