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I had also the opportunity to visit in the valley of Tchamba (south of Poindimié) of some plantations of “Ignames” (Yams) a local and sacred tubers of Taro and of “Manioc” (cassava or yuca). These plants are at the basis of a lot of Kanaks food. The Igname in New-Caledonia has an important place as it’s part of important “coutumes” (rituals).  

This valley is also particular as some of the population are descendent of Japanese immigrants that worked there in coffee plantations. It’s interesting to see that still a lot of local people are related with the Japanese immigrants or have Japanese names (the documental “Naha-Shi” has been made about this specificity).

Naha-Shi Film - Poindimié

Naha-Shi Film – Poindimié

Going further into the valley there is really nice spots for swimming.

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