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Tokyo is a very big city (43 Millions of Inhabitants). It’s the biggest agglomeration in the world and we can feel it. The streets are crowded full of life, lights, shops restaurants. It’s so big that to arrive from the Naharita airport to the city center Asakusa it almost took me two hours.

Staying there only two days is really really short and I didn’t have time to learn more about history however I tried to feel the Tokio culture at the maximum and appreciate all the funny things (for me) that made this city so special like the HUGE costume and manga shops, the really SMALL bars, the WEIRD internet coffee and the architecture that is dense but it’s still at a human size and it’s quite nice just to walk in the city.

I went to the Asakusa (were my youth hostel was), Ropongi (where the bars are), Sibuya (where there is the famous pedestrian crossing and a lot of shopping centers), Shinjuku (other famous bar zone), Akihabara ( the weird zone) all of it to have a taste.

As I said my regret is that I didn’t have time for historical visit, to sleep in a capsule hotel … But I will for sure return to Tokyo and do that !

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