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مرحبا بكم في


I felt really strange when I arrived in Dubaï because everything was so BIG. The streets are big, the building are big, the shopping mall are BIG. Nothing is at human size and you feel really quick oppressed. Furthermore the only activities that you can do is spend your money in shopping malls and everything smells money and gigantism.

I took the subway to go the city “center” and there were not a lot of tourist as they usually go directly from the airport to their organised tours or Hotels. It was really strange for me because I was surrounded by Indian and Malaysian people and maybe one or two Emirati people but maybe because I was not in the gold compartiment.

I first went to the Dubaï mall as it’s the biggest mall in the world and we can found the biggest aquarium in the world (where you can even see people doing scuba diving) the biggest building in the world (the Burj Khalifa). I went to both of them and they were both incredible (I really liked the elevator of the Burj Khalifa – it’s indeed the fastest in the world, the view at the top is nice but there is really a lot of smog) .

I went also to the other big mall , the Mall of the Emirates, I found in there the famous ski Dubaï , however it was too expensive for me to go there. One of the other things that I did is take the public boat transport at the marina of Dubaï. It was really nice as we saw the palm island however as in Dubai we are always kept in air conditioning zones (from the airport to the subway to the malls, everything is connected and made to not feel the exterior really really hot air) to support the very high temperature was really hard at the beginning.

Ski Dubaï in the Mall of Emirates

Aquarium in the Dubaï Mall

For the return to the airport I had the idea to take the public bus to see the Burj Al Arab, however it’s was  not a such great idea as the bus stop are really far one from another and the all the beach in the coast are private except one were I have seen a really nice sunset. Furthermore with the bus it took me more than one and half hour to get to the city center and catch a metro to the airport.

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